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"Dankie Vir Julle!"


  • We sincerely appreciate your joining us on our recent wine tour through the enchanting Langeberg Wine Region.

  • Your presence added to the warmth of the experience, and we can't wait to have you back with us.

  • Your valuable insights are crucial in our mission to continually improve and refine our services.

  • Kindly take a moment to share your thoughts and suggestions using the form below.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Wine Valley Safari - Feedback

What was your overall impression of the Wine Valley Safari experience?
How would you rate the quality of the wine tasting and vineyard tours ?
Were you satisfied with the selection and variety of wines offered ?
Did the tour meet your expectations in terms of the itinerary and duration?
What is your favorite wine?
What is your preferred Red Wine?
What is your preferred White Wine?
How likely are you to revisit the Langeberg for another wine tour in the future?

Thanks for your feedback!

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