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De Wetshof
Site Specific Chardonnay Tasting

R850 pp (Minimum 6 people)
R1050 pp (Minimum 4 people)
R950 pp - Vintage Kombi (Minimum 6 people)
R1300 pp - Vintage Kombi 
(Minimum 4 people)

Embark on a journey of sensory delight with Wine Valley Safari as we invite you to join us for an exclusive Chardonnay tasting experience amidst the breathtaking vineyards of De Wetshof. Indulge your palate as you savor the timeless classics of De Wetshof, including the renowned Bateleur Chardonnay and The Site Chardonnays.


Immerse yourself in the essence of terroir as we guide you through a tasting tour like no other, offering a glimpse into the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled quality that define De Wetshof wines. Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Chardonnay excellence at De Wetshof, where every sip tells a story of passion, dedication, and the artistry of winemaking.

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