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Your Questions, Answered

How do I book a tour ticket?

To avoid disappointment, we suggest you book in advance. Seating is limited and offered at a first come first serve basis. Payment via EFT or online via our website will secure your booking from where you will receive confirmation to show the driver.

Do you offer group bookings?

Yes, we offer group bookings of 6 to 22 people on pre-arrangement. We welcome groups for whatever the occasion. We offer groups a complimentary pick up in town (Robertson). We are however limited in seats and cannot guarantee to transport all guests in one go. It is highly recommended that groups make reservations for lunch and special offerings at the destination stops.

Are children allowed on this tour?

Of course. However, it’s at own risk. Children should be seated at all times, while the vehicle is in motion and should be supervised at all times. Bring your car seat along and strap your little one in safely.

Booking cancellation policy

We will always try to accommodate you to reschedule your tour for another date – subject to space availability. However, this cancellation must be made 48 hours before your booked departure time.

Food and drinks on tour?

Apart from water, no food or beverages can be consumed on our vehicle.

What happens if I buy items on the route?

We encourage that you support our destination stops by purchasing their amazing products. Your purchases can be left at the driver who will look after it. You will be able to collect all your items at your final stop.

What happens if it rains?

That is when the real fun starts! Our vehicles have roll-down panels which the driver will deploy when it starts to rain. Keeping you cosy and dry during your safari.

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